“I can’t say enough about Norah – her knowledge of the market, her attention to detail and impeccable taste, her professionalism, exuberance and warmth, together with a willingness to listen – a rare combination.”

Christian & Andrew C

“Have had eleven properties and dealt with countless realtors. Norah is off the charts for her constant courtesy, attention to detail, follow up and informativeness. I loved working with her. She is absolutely brilliant – a great listener, sensitive to my budgetary, spatial and aesthetic needs and completely on target all the way through. Norah is the very best of the best. I will always recommend her.”

Judith F

“Norah is the best agent in the Bay Area and knows the Berkeley hills so well. I have bought and sold many properties – land, houses, commercial and Norah is one of the best agents I have ever worked with.”

Tom P

“Norah’s special qualities include good humor (always helpful); knowledge and wide experience in the field; willingness to go the extra distance to assist in all facets of a house sale; friendship and courtesy and much much more.”

Michelle F & Cordell H

“Norah was exceptional. We can’t say enough for how she went above and beyond – from start to finish – to lead the process with ease and professionalism. Our highest possible praise for Norah – eager to refer others to her.”

Joel S & Abigail F

“Norah is a gem. She knows so much about the business, all the technical aspects, has good taste, incredibly good judgement and really knows her clients (us) well. She guided us through a difficult market and led us through a buying process that required attention, a lot of patience (on her part), a great deal of experience, knowledge and diplomacy.”

Rohan R & Fumi M

“Norah is the most competent, thoughtful and effective real estate agent we have ever encountered – excellent communication throughout, exceptional even, resourceful and tactful. She is all we could have dreamed of to handle a difficult buyer’s market in Berkeley.”

Lisa B & Roddey R

“Norah was our realtor for the purchasing of two homes and the selling of one. All three experiences went remarkably well due to Norah’s incredible attention to detail, her ability to anticipate potential issues, and her remarkable intuition and sensitivity to concerns, worries, and relationships.”

Josh P & Rebecca L

“Norah ‘blew me away’ as they say with every move she made and the intense, almost 24/7 attention she gave our home. She removes the ugliness of giving up one̵